Is there any cost for obtaining vending machines or a vending service?  There is absolutely no cost for obtaining our vending service at all.    How do I go about getting your service?    Just send us an email or call us. We will discuss this with you over the phone or come in and        meet with you. We will confirm the equipment being supplied, and give you an installation date.    How often will the vending machines get serviced?     Your account will be added to a scheduled route. This means your vending machines will be        serviced at least once a month or as frequent as required.    What does a service involve?   A service includes stocking the machines, checking for any errors and cleaning the machines.      Depending on the account we pay you in cash (rolled quarters) at each service or for larger      accounts we can leave a complete earnings report with a manager and send a check each month.    Can we choose what product goes into the machines?      Absolutely. On the web site there is a list of the most common products used in our      vending machines. You can request products and give suggestions. We always stock      our machines with the most current and popular products.    What about contracts?     As a rule contracts are not necessary. We need to deliver what was promised and meet your     needs. In the event we fail to keep our promise, you can give us a few days notice to remove the     machines. Contracts only become necessary when large amounts of equipment are being ordered.    What happens if a machine stops working or a customer loses money in a machine?      From the time a service call is placed via telephone or email, we will contact you within      24 hours to schedule a service. Refunds are given without issue in cash or we can also leave a      roll of quarters for refunds.